Our definition of sustainability

Sustainability stands for the need for change in our world, our society and our daily lives. With Creatables (Creative + Sustainable) we want to make an important contribution to advance the topic of sustainability collaboratively in cross-innovative teams.

Users are becoming increasingly sensitive to the issue of sustainability and demand credible satisfaction of their needs through sustainably produced products and sustainably operated services. Society and politics are increasingly demanding the implementation of the climate targets and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

In this context, companies are increasingly facing pressure from investors to actively and transparently incorporate sustainability into their business in order to secure further investment.

How can companies keep pace with the digitalization of business processes while adapting to climate targets? And how can they use this change strategically and in a value-creating way for themselves to become sustainably fit for the future? When SMEs and startups, researchers and creative professionals learn from each other, new and sustainable solutions emerge. In this way, the digital transformation can be used as an opportunity for sustainable innovation across all sectors.

Many creative professionals and SMEs have long since embraced these goals: game developers who release games on sustainability topics, XR experts who use game mechanics for resource-saving products and new offerings, companies that engage in upcycling or deal with new mobility solutions. We want to strengthen these approaches and connect the players with each other.