Creatables movement

Creatables was born out of the perception that the need for sustainability in the economy is constantly increasing and that sustainability in the broadest sense is strongly driven by creativity and innovation. This need is increasingly demanded by consumers, investors and employees. Today, sustainability is no longer a buzzword, but a symbol for a necessary transformation process.

Sustainability is a broad field, and in the context of the 17 SDGs and Agenda 2030, we as an economic community are sometimes confronted with major challenges in achieving these goals. The Creatables project team under the leadership of MFG as the organizer sees its task in promoting the topic of sustainability through moderated cross-innovation.

We are convinced that the key to achieving this goal lies in the cross-industry and cross-disciplinary cooperation of creative professionals, game developers and, for example, companies from the manufacturing, high-tech, health care and automotive industries.


Prof. Dr. Steffen P. Walz talks about Creatables at the BEYOND Festival