Creatables movement

Develop sustainable innovations with game mechanics

Sustainability as an innovation opportunity for companies

The goal of the CREATABLES initiative is to open up digital transformation and sustainability as an innovation opportunity for companies. We bring together SMEs, researchers and creative professionals, especially from games development and UX design, to shape the future together in interdisciplinary teams using creative technologies. The focus is on the development of digital applications, training courses, new products and services, and new business models. With its innovation vouchers and digitization bonus plus, the state of Baden-Württemberg offers attractive funding models for companies' digitization projects in the state.

Companies in all sectors are increasingly seeing themselves challenged and are facing pressure from investors to implement sustainability actively and transparently in order to secure further investment. Consumers are becoming increasingly sensitive to the issue of sustainability and are demanding credible satisfaction of their needs through appropriately sustainably produced products and sustainably operated services. Added to this is the political and social pressure in the context of the climate goals and the UN's 17 SDGs.

How can companies keep pace with the digitalization of business processes and at the same time adapt to the climate goals? And how can they use this change strategically and in a value-creating way for themselves in order to become sustainably fit for the future?

Creatables' mission in a nutshell:

  •     Finding new narratives for sustainable living and business - sustainability as an innovation opportunity.
  •     Thinking sustainability and digitalization together for new products/services
  •     Use motivating game mechanics for innovations
  •     Engaging creatives as translators of technical innovation into a good user experience - the importance of design and purpose in innovation
  •     Living interdisciplinarity in innovation teams

Prof. Dr. Steffen P. Walz talks about Creatables at the BEYOND Festival