Recordings and presentations of the digital conference

In the panel on digital sustainability, Daniel Classen (Lightshape) reports on how mixed and virtual reality applications can make the collaboration and visualization of products and projects more sustainable and make sustainability digitally visible. Ralf Geiger (VAUDE) shows how VAUDE gives its products a second life through recycling, repair or social commitment and how the cooperation with iFixit Europe contributes to this. Matthias Huisken (iFixit Europe) talks about his mission to maximize the life span of products through repair instructions and tools and thus reduce the consumption of resources in the community.

Antonia Bartning, creator of the board game "Pitchyourgreenidea" talks about her experiences with customers who playfully approach a sustainable business model or company and the enthusiasm she encounters.

Georg Hobmeier describes the journey of Causa Creations and how a project for the militarization of Europe's external borders in 2007 led to the realization that games are ideally suited to bring socio-political sustainability issues into society in an attention-grabbing way.

Presentation iFixit 
Presentation Vaude
Presentation  Causa Creations
Presentation Lightshape
Presentation PitchYourGreenIdea